Audience Favorite

You as visitors are very dear to our hearts - without you this festival would not exist, just like it wouldn't without exist Chocolate Maker! Therefore our guests have the possibility to contribute to the EuroBean Chocolate Festival every year: by voting for the annual audience favorite!

Winner 2023 - CocoCaravan

2023 - If you've ever been to EuroBean, you'll certainly know him. With an energetic smile and a fascination for raw, vegan chocolate: Jacques Cöp from CocoCaravan. You voted diligently this year for your favorite Chocolate Maker 2023 and the choice was very positive for the likeable Englishman. Jacques has been part of the EuroBean Family for a long time and everyone applauded when CocoCaravan was called as the audience's favorite.

Winner 2022 - Karuna Chocolate

2022 - with a total of 22 chocolate makers, it must not have been easy to choose your favourite! Each chocolate maker has their own unique range of chocolates. This is also true for the winners and new additions to the EuroBean Family: Karuna Chocolate! The bean-to-bar pioneers from South Tyrol scored big with their purist chocolate bars!

"Eurobean Chocolate Festival at Rochsburg castle in Germany has been a blast! We really enjoyed catching up with fellow chocolate makers, tasters and the interaction with the visitors. We also won the public award 🎖 Thank you so much to all who voted for us!!"
- Karuna Chocolate

Winner 2019 - Mānoa Chocolate Hawaii

2019 - this year Mānoas founder Dylan Butterbaugh couldn't be at the EuroBean Chocolate Festival - but he didn't have to be! His colleague Daniel was a shining representative of the hawaiian chocolate company and was able to win as the audience's favorite this year in a close "race"!

"We’ve got a wild Manoa Chocolate Maker loose in Europe! Daniel just represented us at the EuroBean Chocolate Festival in Germany. It’s always one of our favorite events because we get to nerd out on chocolate while also partying and dancing!" - Mānoa Chocolate Hawaii

Winner 2018 - Choco Del Sol

2018 - Our Chocolate Maker with home advantage - Choco Del Sol - was able to prove themselves in 2018 and was voted the audience favorite of the year by our visitors!

Winner 2017 - Zotter

2017 - Josef is popular with the Saxons! Two years in a row, the Chocolatier from beautiful Austria won with his crazy chocolate ideas!

Winner 2016 - Zotter

2016 - the very first EuroBean was certainly rough and unpolished at some corners and edges. But also this year there was something great to celebrate besides the positive resonance! Josef Zotter won the first audience award ever chosen & became the audience favorite of the year 2016!