Cacao de Corazón

Tree to Heart

The longing for faraway countries, the rich taste of authentic food and the desire to leave the beaten path have always fascinated us. 

While working in a peace-building project in Colombia, I got to know the small farmers who still cultivate rare rainforest cacao. I was fascinated by the variety and richness of the flavors. Slowly the decision matured to produce expressive chocolate from the noble beans and to contribute to a dignified livelihood of the families thanks to a fair price.

Cacao de Corazón was born.

Direct trade - fair and ecological

We know how much work and effort it takes to cultivate fine flavor cocoa and to care for the old varieties. That’s why it is our concern to remunerate this work fairly and to pay a living price.

Whenever logistics allow, we buy directly, without intermediate trade and transport the cocoa CO2 neutral by sailing ship

Pure nature - "organic" with a sense of proportion

Our cocoa grows in species-rich forest gardens, in symbiosis with other useful plants and crops, free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. This is not only good for nature, but also for the taste. Of course, clearing rainforest for the purpose of cocoa cultivation is taboo for us.

100% handicraft - farm to bar

We produce our chocolate with a lot of passion by hand. From the selection of the beans at the farmers to the finished bar, we keep all steps in our hands. So we know what's inside and an exceptional taste experience is guaranteed.

Honest recipes - pure pleasure

Fine Flavor cocoas have a natural richness of aromas and flavors. Artificial flavors or additives are not needed to accentuate the typical character. That's why we don't use them - so you can discover the origin.

Help for self-help

The cultivation of fine flavored cocoa requires not only care but also a lot of knowledge. But only perfect fermentation, drying and selection turn the fresh beans into the stuff that chocolate dreams are made of. We are involved in projects to optimize quality and improve the position of women in the community.

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