Choco Del Sol

The Chocolate Factory

"Handcrafted with Love"

Choco Del Sol belongs to the new chocolate avant-garde of Europe. The chocolate factory was founded in 2012 by Patrick Walter together with his wife Peggy.

It all began with an intensive journey on a distant continent: On their bicycle trip around the world, the two got to know the gold of the Maya in Belize: Cocoa! Together with a local non-profit organization, they set about turning their dream into reality.

Inspired by this special gold, the two decided to try to support the local non-profit organisation and imported the first container of cocoa beans to Germany.

In a tiny factory, they started with their own chocolate creations - produced directly from the cocoa bean and exclusively with organic ingredients. Right from the start, they have consistently implemented the "direct trade" concept.

The quality of these handmade chocolates convinced Georg Bernardini so much that he voted them into the top 10 in the list of the best dark chocolates in the world.

The distinctive fruity aroma of the cocoa beans has meanwhile found many friends, as has the growing product palette of fine handmade chocolates. Anyone who has tried their variations, such as Cherry Blossom, , knows why you can't get enough that chocolate.

"Bean to Bar" is the principle according to which the manufacturer processes everything himself, from the cocoa bean to the bar.

The manufactory has now found a home at Rochsburg Castle in the beautiful Mulde valley.

Excursion guests (and from August 2nd to 4th, 2019 also our festival visitors) have the opportunity to participate in this extraordinary cocoa history, to get to know the original production process as well as the manufactory and to snack on fine chocolates.

Chocolate is their passion, cosmopolitanism and fairness are their philosophy.

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