EuroBean Chocolate of the Year Award

Every year the Chocolate Makers of the EuroBean Chocolate Festival have the opportunity to submit one of their chocolate bars to us. On Saturday a carefully selected jury gathers and decides who is worthy to win the EuroBean Chocolate of the Year Award!

Winner 2023 - NearyNógs

2023 - The official 6th EuroBean gained three new Chocolate Makers and among them was NearyNóg's Stoneground Chocolate from Northern Ireland! This year there was quite a bit of variation among the chocolates, as for the first time Chocolate Makers were also allowed to submit non-Single Origin bars.

The jury, which consisted of chocolate experts like Hazel Lee but also of simple chocolate connoisseurs like the son of the castle knight Ronny had therefore a lot of choice and the decision was difficult for them. It was a close race and with a few points ahead NearyNógs could take home the award this year with their 70% Dominican Republic Hispaniola Bar!

Winner 2022 - Choco Del Sol

2022 - three years later, we could finally hold the official 5th EuroBean! Almost 4,000 visitors, 22 chocolate makers with a whole 7 new exhibitors, a real success! A carefully selected jury chose Choco Del Sol as the winner of this year's Chocolate of the Year Award with their Semuliki Forest 78% bar! If you want detailed info on this you can read our news article on it!

"We couldn't have dreamed of winning this award with a chocolate made with only two ingredients, and we share it with all those who are a part of the fact that we can make chocolate." - Choco Del Sol

Winner 2019 - Chocolate Tree

2019 - a year that exceeded our expectations. We cracked over 5,000 visitors; more European than ever with 16 chocolate makers from 12 countries - including 6 newcomers! And one of these newcomers surprised not only our guests, but also the jury. Chocolate number 12 - 70% Dark Chocolate Piura Peru by Chocolate Tree from Scotland won over the hearts (and tongues) of the jury this year!

"Feeling honoured and grateful, amongst some of the best chocolate makers in the world here in the Rochsburg Castle at one of the best & most uplifting European festivals." - Alistair Gower

Winner 2018 - CocoCaravan

2018 - more chocolate makers than ever before & and lots of new ones from the land of unlimited possibilities - America. But it would be an Englishman who would flatter the palates of our jury the most. A 70% bar was the winner - but not just any! The  70 % Lachuá Cacao Guatemala earned CocoCaravan the EuroBean Chocolate of the Year Award 2018!

"Thank you EuroBean Chocolate Festival, it was a spectacular Chocolate weekend." - Jacques Cöp

Winner 2017 - Mānoa Chocolate Hawaii

2017 the hawaiian Chocolate Maker Mānoa Chocolate Hawaii convinced the jury with their 70% Hawaii Island Bar! Only local cocoa from Big Island (the big island of Hawaii) was used, together with local cocoa butter & organic sugar and organic milk powder for the bar. 
The award was accepted by the founder of Mānoa himself - Dylan Butterbaugh!

"What a great event and so happy to be back at the Rochsburg Castle EuroBean Chocolate Festival event. Coolest chocolate festival in the world!" - Mānoa Chocolate Hawaii