Edelmond Chocolatiers

The Chocolate Factory

Making chocolate that tastes the same as 100 years ago - that was the aim of the Michel family when they started producing their chocolate at home in the kitchen 10 years ago. They rolled up old books and found chocolate recipes without additives and building instructions for chocolate production machines.

Today they are the Edelmond Manufaktur, located in the Brandenburg Spreewald and convince customers and chocolate fans with handmade bean-to-bar chocolate, for which they use organic Grand Cru cocoa beans. Edelmond is also a producer of raw chocolate: the cocoa beans are not roasted and are produced in the tropical climate of the growing countries. Edelmonds raw chocolates, refined with dried fruits and vegetables, are a special treat for an extraordinary combination of flavours.

Edelmonds assortment ranges from very bitter to fruity chocolates, refined with fruits like cranberries, spices like chili, yoghurt, superfood... or completely pure and without frills. In addition to the classic chocolate bars, customers can also choose between fine sweets such as chocolates, marzipan, candied cocoa beans or nougat. As a gift for your loved ones or to plaster all by yourself.

We are delighted to welcome the Brandenburg chocolatiers to the EuroBean Chocolate Festival and can't wait to see the chocolate makers and their creations.

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