Software manufactory Fossa AG

We combine software craftsmanship and agile work with maximum customer benefit.

Fossa AG was founded in 2009 as an IT daughter company of S.L.P. Vertriebsservice AG.

The company is primarily concerned with supporting the IT infrastructure of the SLP Group. In recent years, the company has developed into a software manufactory which, in addition to classic web development, has gained extensive experience in building REST-based IT service landscapes.

The basic working methods used by Fossa AG in the realization of customer projects are based on agile practices that leave behind a code base that is much easier to maintain and also optimize customer benefits. The project does not attempt to specify the entire project at the beginning in the form of a comprehensive analysis and then to develop, test and finally put it into operation step by step. This approach disregards the fact that it is not possible to plan a complex system, which in the end takes all aspects into account. Rather, it can be observed that significantly better results can be achieved if the customer is actively involved in the development and the application is mutually developed which has the essential functionality in mind and is oriented to each function's specific customer benefit. The flexible process models also make it possible to react quickly to very short-term change requests from the customer. In the end, the customer receives the software he needs and not the software he wants.

The connection between chocolate and software is given above all by the sustainable way of working and the high quality standards that both bean to bar chocolate and good software have in common. Not to forget the appreciation that goes with it.

Thank you Fossa AG! For your support and your faith in us.

To you and to the common appreciation of good, fair work and chocolate.