Grand Opening

EuroBean Grand Opening 2018 chocolate makers creating a giant bean-to-bar chocolate bar

Grand Opening - Schedule (2019)

Entry and Start Starting from 7:00 pm chocolate fans will be allowed to enter the grounds of Rochsburg Castle and have a look around before the Grand Opening starts at 8:00 pm.
Welcome and Opening After the success of the last three years we are happy to send the EuroBean Chocolate Festival into a new round in 2019. For the big opening event on Friday evening we present you our festival program, which is colorful and diverse as usual, so that besides the enthusiasm for chocolate there is something for everyone.
Chocolate Action Now, we have the luck to welcome over 12 of the best Chocolate Makers in the world at Rochsburg Castle, we want to make sure to celebrate this with an appropriate and original introduction.
The "Paradise Cocoa" project What lies behind the project "Paradise Cocoa" is still quite a mystery, but not for long! Visitors to the Grand Opening have the exclusive opportunity to learn all about the project and enjoy a cinematic presentation. Don't miss this chance!
Q&A session Did you have any exciting questions during the Grand Openings? Or did you bring them in advance? Is it about the festival, chocolate, or specifically aimed at one of the chocolate makers? Then here you have the opportunity to ask us your question in a moderated Q&A session!
Meet The Maker - "Behind the Scenes of the EuroBean" With our exhibition preview we offer you the unique opportunity to get to know our chocolate producing chocolate makers of the EuroBean Chocolate Festival personally before the start of the festival. Chocolate Makers from all over the world will be there to sweeten the evening with their tender-melting delicacies, very exclusively, before the big hustle and bustle begins.


Friday, 31st August 2020, 08:00 pm, EuroBean Chocolate Festival, Rochsburg Castle.

This event takes place partly in the exhibition rooms of the castle. As a bad weather variant, so to speak, with event guarantee.

The available places are limited, so we recommend to buy tickets in time in the online shop.

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