HERUFEK Chocolate

Chocolate from the Czech Republic

michal crafting chocolate bars

At the beginning of HERUFEK's story is Jitka Herůfková's interest and passion for sweets and chocolate.

After a honeymoon with her husband Michal Herůfek in Hawaii, she was able to discover one thing in particular besides the famous beaches of the island state and its fascinating nature - handmade cookies and pralines - which would definitely change her future. Through this experience, Jitka's goal became to earn her living with something that made people happy and made their hearts bloom.

So she started to make her first pralines, worked out fillings by trial & error, and tempered chocolate on a granite plate. Of course this was not easy! But eventually she reached the point where she could share her pralines with her husband, family and friends. In 2013 she had her first sale where she could sell 300 pieces of her chocolate truffles.


michal and jitka with their chocolates


But how did the chocolate bars come about? Now the idea came from Jitka's husband - Michal. At the end of 2014 HERUFEK began to produce its own chocolate - but with beans from Amsterdam at the time, which were organic but did not meet their quality expectations. As beginners they didn't know that they got a "bad" variety, and in summer of the following year they almost gave up because the bars didn't match their liking. The two of them did not want to sell anything they were not personally convinced by.

But then they visited a small chocolate factory in Germany with which the visitors of the EuroBean are quite familiar - Choco Del Sol - and met the chocolate maker Patrick Walter there, who let their hope shine again. They learnt the difference between high quality beans which were bought directly from the farmers and the usual traded beans. With quality beans from Belize and a clear idea why they wanted to make chocolate, the two of them decided to found their own company HERUFEK and start off with their chocolate.

At the beginning there are always the cocoa farmers who Jitka and Michal wanted to get to know, whom they wanted to visit, and their hard work, which HERUFEK refines with passion. It's not easy for them, they're not big, they don't care about PR agencies, and of course there are also the two kids in the family, so working at home is out of the question. But for HERUFEK the most important thing is that everything is authentic, and that they can do something they really enjoy, no matter what hurdles they have to face.


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