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Make Chocolate Fair!

Hunger, poverty and exploitative child labour are still part of everyday life in cocoa farming in West Africa. The "Make Chocolate Fair!" campaign is committed to improving the living and working conditions of cocoa farmer families. It calls for fair and sustainable cocoa cultivation that protects the environment and at the same time guarantees cocoa farmers a sustainable income. The campaign is primarily aimed at chocolate companies - because their market power means that they bear a special responsibility for compliance with human and labour rights when it comes to cocoa cultivation. But consumers also have a responsibility: as end consumers, we must demand fair chocolate and pay attention to sutainable certified chocolate when buying.



At the EuroBean-Festival the campaign presents its exhibition "Make Chocolate Fair!" It informs about how cocoa beans become chocolate - and reveals the exploitative conditions under which cocoa is cultivated. It also shows how everyone can take action and get involved in fair chocolate. Visitors can take part in an exciting exhibition quiz - and win a chocolate fair surprise package!

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