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Kakau Worship was born out of years of friendship and experience during and after their time in Latin America. What started out as homemade chocolate is now high-quality craftsmanship that involves many steps. For Kakau Worship it is a blessing to be able to work with the cocoa fruit.

For them, the path always begins with the trees of this fruit, which come from controlled, organic cultivation. Through fair conditions for the farmers and landowners, Kakau Worship ensures that the beans they process are of the highest quality. This gives them the opportunity to contribute to a sustainable future and equal rights.

Making Chocolate is Creating Realities

kakau worship packaging

Kakau Worship uses fair trade cocoa from all over the world to produce its chocolate bars. Production begins with the selection of the raw beans to find the most suitable roasting method for each cocoa bean. This process is critical to getting the best out of each bean and finding its special aromas. To think up the recipe for the chocolate bar is for Kakau Worship like writing a great story.

Then it's time to get down to business! The beans are roasted, tempered and combined with the remaining ingredients to create unique bars. Kakau Worship treats each bar individually, they are even individually packed by hand. The packaging paper is completely recyclable, and the bag in which the chocolate is put is biodegradable!

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