Line-Up - 2019

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Choco Del Sol - Chocolate Factory

Our chocolate maker with the home advantage, Choco Del Sol, is dedicated to the bean-to-bar production of tempting fairtrade organic chocolate under the leadership of Patrick Walter.

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Herufek Chocolate

The family business from the Czech Republic, managed by Jitka Herůfková and her husband Michal Herufek, specialises in the production of the finest chocolate creations. Since 2013 Herufek has been producing selected chocolate truffles and pralines, based on old traditions, with as many raw materials as possible from home and of course "bean-to-bar".

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Zotter Schokolade GmbH

Part of the EuroBean family right from the start: Zotter Schokolade GmbH! Faitrade, organic and from bean to table is what makes up the Zotter company philosophy. Because the chocolates should not only convince in taste, but simply make you completely happy.

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Kakau Worship

Kakau Worship was born out of years of friendship. For them it is a blessing to be able to work with the fruit of the cocoa tree and even more important that the beans come from fair conditions. The preparation of the recipe for the chocolate bars is like writing a great story.

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Mike&Becky is Brussels' very first Small-Batch Bean-to-Bar Atelier/Shop/Café, and proves itself in the "Chocolate Capital of the World"! Björn Becker and Julia Mikerova have been making their own bean-to-bar chocolate since 2016. They place great value on a low sugar percentage and that there is no child labour on the farms.

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Chocolate Naive

At Chocolate Naive, two core principles are at the forefront: working with only the best ingredients in the world, and striving to become a world-class artisan in this type of exquisite production.

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Dandelion Chocolate

Dandelion Chocolate shows what happens when passionate chocolate lovers put their passion into practice. What began in the home kitchen is now one of the biggest chocolaty success stories - they became part of the New American Chocolate Movement.

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Mānoa Chocolate Hawaii

Under the leadership of Dylan Butterbaugh, the Hawaii-based company Mānoa has been producing bean-to-bar chocolate since 2010. Only ecologically high-quality cocoa beans from regional cultivation are processed. Mānoa, this word stands for depth in the Hawaiian language and is reflected in the taste of every bar. Their passion for high quality from local production can be felt with every bite.
With a constantly growing farmer network, but also with beans from all over the world, they try to bring out the quality and characteristics of each bean. In doing so, they create unique chocolate bars with some exotic ingredients. Something that will surely delight the visitors of our festival.

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Svenska Kakaobolaget

Svenska Kakaobolaget consists of the two Bean-To-Bar Chocolate Maker Ulrika and Fredrik from Sweden, who founded their company in 2014. They have found their mission in producing special and unique chocolate that goes against the traditional mainstream and where every bite is an experience. They therefore attach great importance to finding cocoa beans with unusual and special flavours from all over the world.

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Parliament Chocolate

From sunny California comes the small team of Parliament Chocolate. They strive to put love into every step of their chocolate creation process to achieve the best possible product and bring a new, exciting twist to the world of chocolate. They also maintain close contact with local farmers and their families and pay them a wage above market value. Parliament Chocolate's team thus ensures that the hard work and dedication of the farmers is fairly rewarded and that the cocoa beans for their chocolate are of excellent quality. Because only good social, agricultural and economic values result in great chocolate.


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Chocolate Tree

New at the EuroBean Chocolate Festival 2019 this year are the Chocolate Maker - Chocolate Tree from Scotland. Originally they started as an idea from Alastair & Friederike Gower, they wanted to do something at music festivals, and to make some chocolate just seemed right!

This idea has grown into 10 years of experience in chocolate craft. The most important thing for Chocolate Tree is transparency, fair pay for everyone in the production chain, and of course the taste that the customer experiences in the end.

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Coco Caravan

In 2019 we will once again welcome Coco Caravan from England, who specialise in raw, vegan and gluten-free chocolate. Founded in 2013 by Jacques Cöp, the Manufactory derives its values from its passion for the environment, its appreciation of good food and the deep conviction that all living beings on earth deserve fair treatment. With raw Criollo cocoa, refined with creamy coconut blossom syrup, Coco Caravan creates a smooth chocolate with a pure taste. As a visitor of the EuroBean Chocolate Festival you can look forward to authentic, raw vegan chocolate that Coco Caravan produces with passion.

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Choco Card

Choco Card from Hungary is a small family business that was born in 2011 out of a passion for chocolate and creative work. Izabella and her husband now want to stir up the fine and colourful world of chocolate even more and are therefore in a bit of a change. Their sweet temptations are now also produced as bean-to-bar.

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Twenty-Four Blackbirds

After 10 years of working in science, Mike Orlando lacked ways to express his creativity. He started to try all sorts of hobbies until he finally came across the manufacturing process of bean-to-bar chocolate. Just a year later, Mike decided to quit his job, with a little money saved, and became one of the few bean-to-bar chocolate makers in his country.

What began in the kitchen at home is now a small, artisan chocolate company that strives to bring high quality products to its customers. The cocoa beans are sorted under strict quality standards, processed in a high quality and poured into fine bars without further additives!


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Tafelwerk Schokoladen

The Bean-To-Bar newcomers Tafelwerk are coming from Dresden. Roland Schulze and Ulrike Hörenz are the new faces of the chocolate world since March 2018. They are creating their dark chocolate from cocoa beans, to which only birch sugar is added in order to bring a little sweet and sugar-free chocolate to the market. They fight against society's addiction to sugar. At the EuroBean Chocolate Festival they will be visiting us at Schloss Rochsburg and presenting their sugar-free chocolates to the chocolate-loving audience!

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Krak Chocolade

A recurring theme has been running through the life of Mark Schimmel since he was 14: chocolate! In 2011 he began to fulfill his life's dream, ordered cocoa beans and two years of learning later Krak Chocolade was born.

Mark developed his own style. Each bag of cocoa beans - each harvest is different from the previous - and it's the chocolate maker's job to get the most out of each bean.

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No, they are not bean-to-bar exhibitors, but they are the ones who are responsible for the beans making it over the ocean all the way over to our chocolate exhibitors. 

Timbercoast stands for sustainable maritime transport. At EuroBean 2019, they will present the subject of climate-friendly goods transport with wind power and show their own sailed rum, grain and gin.

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