Line-Up - Children's programme - 2019

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Activities for children, teenagers and the young at heart

In addition to the standard offers, we are planning a large portion of kids' activities for the festival. There will be puppet theatre on Saturday and Sunday, fairy tales will be told, juggling and clowns will be experienced and the Rochsburg will certainly tremble again from many beaten African drums.

A special project is in progress. It has to do with our environment - so much can be revealed.

Stay tuned!

Handicrafts in the foal room

Also this year our foal room is there for the little ones. They paint and make what they want. :)

Children Handcraft

Chocolate rally across Rochsburg

Children run through Rochsburg Castle, looking for tricky code words and solving tricky tasks, either alone or in a team, in which everything revolves around chocolate, organic farming and fair trade. You will learn where the cocoa tree grows, what is contained in chocolate (and sometimes does not even belong in it) or how chocolate got its name. And sometimes the clues can be found in places that date from a time when cocoa was completely unknown there.

A sweet surprise is surely Bean to Bar, fair& bio - safe!

Castle Rochsburg entrance chocolate rally

Treasure hunt through Rochsburg

A treasure is buried on the beautiful Rochsburg. But where? With the help of our experienced castle guide, Eduard the Bat, the children learn a lot about Rochsburg. And who knows? In the end there might even be a chocolaty treasure to lift. ;)

Treasure hunt with treasure map


At the bricknic with nutritionist Lisa Heinig from "rundumpflanzlich" and Tina Müller young and young-at-heart visitors will experience a fun & tasty interactive event. Inspired by the centuries-old tradition of brick-baking in East Africa, we bring communal cooking back onto the menu.

Together we fill hollow bricks with the most diverse ingredients and create delicious dishes. And so much can be revealed: chocolate plays a major role. With the filled stones we build a temporary oven by stacking them around a fire. Each individual stone is important so that the oven also retains the heat. As soon as the food is ready, the oven is disassembled and it can be eaten and enjoyed together.

In the lower castle courtyard from 2 pm - 6 pm.
Construction time/preparation: about 1 hour
Cooking time: 2 hours

bricknic & rundumpflanzlich logo

Figure Theater: "Mother Sun and the Children of the Earth"

The puppet theatre VIVID will be presenting the play "Mother Sun and the Children of the Earth" at this year's EuroBean. This play is suitable for children from the age of 3 and is intended to inspire children's imagination and wake their interest in other cultures. In this play, Mother Sun encounters children from different corners of the world while playing. They tell her a lot about their countries, traditions and customs!

Mother Sun and the Children of the Earth - Figure Theater VIVID

Puppet Theatre "Hain ManmaR": "The Pumpkin Queen"

In the king's giant pumpkin, there's an eerie knock. Even though the spirits were abolished!-...Why it is sometimes especially important to keep promises and why the magician helps Hiro to a great fortune? You will learn all that in this story.

Based on the myth of Abe no Seimei, this comedy with its lovingly quirky characters plays with superstition and reality. It invites us to abandon our established beliefs and even rethink what a "happy ending" is.

Hain ManmaR Puppentheater Prop - The Pumpkin Queen

Fairytale: "Princess and the Pig Shepherd"

This year, the fairytale lady Verenica is once again up to her old tricks in the castle for the EuroBean Chocolate Festival and tells the story of the "Princess and the Pig Shepherd":

A princess who is to marry, but who rejects one candidate after another. Rosabella doesn't like their looks, names or gifts, especially this poor prince Eberhard von Schwartenberg, with a real rose as a present! What is he thinking?!

Whether the princess will still find her way to happiness and what Eberhard has to do with it will be revealed and you can decide together with Verenica! All based on the famous fairytale of the same name!

Suitable for children 5 years and older

Princess and the Pig Shepherd - Storyteller Verenica

"Praxis Kullernase" - ClinicClowns

The red nose senses chocolate
The ClinicClowns of the Chemnitzer „Praxis Kullernase“, who are in the children's hospital Chemnitz since 18 years, go on a summer journey. Always following their red nose - directly to the EuroBean Chocolate Festvial. There they mingle with the chocolate folk and look forward to eyes full of ease, playfulness and poetry.

Those who feel tempted by the magic of the red nose will have the opportunity to felt their own red nose between 12.30 and 1.30 pm on Saturday.

At 2.00 pm then small and large people can dare the jump of the fool in the Workshop „Always following the red nose“.

© Photo: Clinic Chemnitz


Clinic Chemnitz - "Praxis Kullernase"