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In addition to chocolate exhibitors, happy market rounds and delicious food, there are of course also activities for the youth and young-at-heart among us. From fascinating storytellers & puppet theatre to exciting interactive workshops. In past years, the castle trembled from the sound of african drums, funny clowns wandered around to bring a smile to everyone and delicious food was baked in bricks around the fire. As you can see, no one is left out!

Handicrafts in the foal room

Like every year our foal room is the ideal place for the little ones among our visitors. Here the children can paint, do handicrafts or let off steam creatively in any other way they like. Our team is always on the spot to help them, to give them tips or to realize some great ideas together. :)

Children Handcraft

Treasure hunt through Rochsburg

A treasure is buried on the beautiful Rochsburg. But where? With the help of our experienced castle guide, Eduard the Bat, the children learn a lot about Rochsburg. And who knows? In the end there might even be a chocolaty treasure to lift. ;)

Treasure hunt with treasure map

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