Children's programme

Drum workshop with Arba Manillah

Arba Manillah, from Tanzania, who came to Leipzig in 2003, is active in various bands and musical projects .
After meeting musicians from other continents, he began making music in 2004. This was the beginning of the multicultural band "Kukaye Moto".
In 2008 he accompanied the Congolese drum group "Ndungu Kuna" on a tour of the "white Masai" Corinne Hofmann.

He even sang in Dresden for Angela Merkel and Joachim Gauck on the Day of German Unity.

Trommler Arba Manillah

Puppet theatre: "Of the fisherman and his wife"

A play by the VIVID Figurentheater with lively table figures in lovingly designed suitcases, the well-known fairy tale by Phillipp Otto Runge is realised for children from 5 years of age. The production tells of the power of wishing, of the joy of change and the discovery of something new. But it also tells of the danger when, out of pure greed, an excessive possession and power will have to have.


Chocolate rally across Rochsburg

Children run through Rochsburg Castle, looking for tricky code words and solving tricky tasks, either alone or in a team, in which everything revolves around chocolate, organic farming and fair trade. You will learn where the cocoa tree grows, what is contained in chocolate (and sometimes does not even belong in it) or how chocolate got its name. And sometimes the clues can be found in places that date from a time when cocoa was completely unknown there.

A sweet surprise is surely Bean to Bar, fair& bio - safe!


Treasure hunt through Rochsburg

A treasure is buried on the beautiful Rochsburg. But where? With the help of our experienced castle guide, Eduard the Bat, the children learn a lot about Rochsburg. And who knows? In the end there might even be a chocolaty treasure to lift. ;)


Handicrafts in the foal room

Also this year our foal room is there for the little ones. They paint and make what they want. :)

Children Handcraft

Fairy Tale "The Shepherd with the Star Eyes"

The fairy tale woman Verenica tells "The Shepherd with the Star Eyes" and other fantastic stories freely, with wit and charm at this year's EuroBean..:

"Far away, in a small kingdom rules a great king. All the people obey, only one doesn't: the shepherd with the star-eyes. He is not only brave and clever, but something very special. But a real king wouldn't put up with that. Stubbornness must be expelled! And the King is really trying hard..."

Märchenfrau Verenica

HO-Theater Dresden "A week full of Saturdays"

The HO-Theater Dresden plays at the EuroBean "A week full of Saturdays". This snappy play is about the story of Sam, the little creature with red hair and blue wishing points.

"Supported by the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony. This measure is co-financed by tax revenue on the basis of the budget adopted by the members of the Saxon State Parliament."

HO Theater Dresden
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