Children's programme

Activities for children, teenagers and the young at heart

In addition to the standard offers, we are planning a large portion of kids' activities for the festival. There will be puppet theatre on Saturday and Sunday, fairy tales will be told, juggling and clowns will be experienced and the Rochsburg will certainly tremble again from many beaten African drums.

A special project is in progress. It has to do with our environment - so much can be revealed.

Stay tuned!

Chocolate rally across Rochsburg

Children run through Rochsburg Castle, looking for tricky code words and solving tricky tasks, either alone or in a team, in which everything revolves around chocolate, organic farming and fair trade. You will learn where the cocoa tree grows, what is contained in chocolate (and sometimes does not even belong in it) or how chocolate got its name. And sometimes the clues can be found in places that date from a time when cocoa was completely unknown there.

A sweet surprise is surely Bean to Bar, fair& bio - safe!


Treasure hunt through Rochsburg

A treasure is buried on the beautiful Rochsburg. But where? With the help of our experienced castle guide, Eduard the Bat, the children learn a lot about Rochsburg. And who knows? In the end there might even be a chocolaty treasure to lift. ;)


Handicrafts in the foal room

Also this year our foal room is there for the little ones. They paint and make what they want. :)

Children Handcraft

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