What is Fair Trade? Fair trade has existed in Germany for 40 years. In doing so, people work together for a just world. The basis for fair trade is partnership based on the needs of builders and craftsmen. In general, it is important to know that fair trade is an effective way of fighting poverty.

Yucon & Töpferfee

Grit Werner (YUCON) and Kati Staer (Töpferfee) live and work in the middle of nature without a predetermined time grid. In a community of creative people they create new values with love and pass them on with love. They work with materials that nature gives them - clay, wood, metal and much more. In exceptional places in the region, they offer the opportunity to acquire their works and to get in touch with them. /

Brillen Gräbner


Mau & Wau - Das Beste für Hund und Katz


Schauwerkstatt zum Weihrichkarzl


More information will follow soon. :)

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