Line-Up - Stage and screen - 2019

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Puente Latino

Fans of Latin music will get their money's worth this year. On Saturday evening the authentic Latin band Puente Latino will be playing at the EuroBean Party. The band's music is just as diverse as its members themselves. The musicians from Cuba, Germany, USA and Poland will provide you with a wide range of fantastic songs from pop to latin music (and much more).

Their songs range from cheerful pieces that entice us to dance wildly, to sentimental tones that evoke deeper emotions in us and make the dancing leg slightly calmer. Don't miss the opportunity and experience this musical performance live!

Puente Latino Music Quintet

Small Town Artists

Of course we have to celebrate the end of the EuroBean Chocolate Festival 2019 properly! Experience the Reggae, Ska & Rocksteady Band Small Town Artists from Leipzig live! This colourful, musical troupe brings - untypically for the genre -purely German lyrics, about little everyday stories. They always remain positive and motivate the listeners to absorb the vibes.

Enjoy the freshness of the Caribbean, warm your heart with warm summer feelings, and the most important thing: dance and smile!

Small Town Artists - #bittemehrreggae

Retrovelo Music Bike

Retrovelo builds retro bikes in accordance with your personal wishes. At the EuroBean Retrovelo will not construct bicycles, but Retrovelo will show us how to use a bicycle as a DJ-Booth. Retrovelo presents their self-built Retrovelo Music Bike and performs some music.

Retrovelo Music Bike DJ


If you want to take a little break between chocolate treats, workshops, children's programme and the various exhibitors, you can sit back and relax in the upper courtyard of the castle with handmade music by Kendy John Kretzschmar. The singer-songwriter is a one-man band with his voice, guitar, harmonica and various other instruments. Traditional and new sounds can be heard in a combination of conscious life, reason, love and freedom - from person to person.

Musical background music as a running sunday event in the upper castle courtyard.

Kendy plays all sorts of instruments solo


Concert of Sound

With the unique crystal sound world concept, artist, author, sound designer and therapist Manuela Ina Kirchberger (MIK) comes to the EuroBean. She is currently organizing a sound festival at the castle, with sound artists from all over Europe, which will take place in October.

Experience MIK on Saturday at 2.00 & 5.00 pm in the chapel! Entry is free!

Sound Concert from sound temple mik

Open Stage

We have something very special for you: Open Stage or Open Mic

So if you want to prove your musical talent, you can prepare something great and sweeten the day for the EuroBean audience on stage.

You can find out the exact times in program schedule.

Open Stage - Open Mic