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Raise the curtain and clear the stage!

What would a festival be without musical entertainment and a good stage programme? Certainly only half as much fun. Enjoy artists from different genres & cultures together with us or take the opportunity and perform on the open stage yourself!


Jimmi Lafayette, co-founder of the rockabilly band "The Swampcats" in 1986, later formed the well-known roots trio. The Rockin' Rocket-Blues Gentlemen are versatile and serve different genres like Rockin' Rocket Blues, Rockabilly, Rock'n'Roll and Pin-Up Jazz. They have been thrilling audiences with high-energy concerts for over 30 years, relying on vintage equipment for that authentic sound. They are well dressed and have fun doing what they do. In 2008, they performed as the opening act for Chuck Berry. These gentlemen are not "back to the roots" but embody the roots themselves.

The Rockin' Lafayettes Band

Retrovelo Music Bike

Retrovelo builds retro bikes in accordance with your personal wishes. At the EuroBean Retrovelo will not construct bicycles, but Retrovelo will show us how to use a bicycle as a DJ-Booth. Retrovelo presents their self-built Retrovelo Music Bike and performs some music.

Retrovelo Music Bike DJ


Whysker, the singer-songwriter project of Willi Papperitz, inspires his audience in no time with his unique, smoky voice, which involuntarily reminds of an exquisite glass of whisky.

His repertoire includes sensitive and thoughtful songs about family and relationships, harmoniously alternating with powerful seafaring music and captivating medieval sounds.

Whysker as Pirate Willy

Open Stage

We have something very special for you: Open Stage or Open Mic

So if you want to prove your musical talent, you can prepare something great and sweeten the day for the EuroBean audience on stage.

You can find out the exact times in program schedule.

Open Stage - Open Mic

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