Manoa Chocolate Hawaii

Chocolate from Hawaii

Mā Hawaiian this adjective means as much as dense, firm, large, wide. Depth, strength.

Since 2010, chocolate makers in Hawaii have been creating delicious Bear-To-Bar chocolate, using the word Mānoa not only as a name-giver but also as a guide to their corporate culture.

It describes the depth of taste and complexity of chocolate as well as the depth of its commitment to local production, its desire for solid quality in every production, the support of an extensive and growing farmer network, and the goal of expanding the possibilities of Hawaiian agriculture. Mānoa sources its cocoa beans from the Hawaiian islands, but also from other locations around the world, and aims to communicate the unique qualities and characteristics of each region of origin.



Above all, Mānoas first-class chocolates, such as the Breakfast Bar 60% with roasted cocoa rasp and Kona coffee beans, the Maui Lavender Bar 60% with processed Ali'i Kula Mau lavender flowers, or the Goat Milk Bar 69% with fine goat milk, which is best served with a Sauvignon Blanc, cheese and dried fruits .

The best thing for you is to find out which of the dark Mānoa chocolates will be your favourite and visit them at our stand at the EuroBean Chocolate Festival!

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