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A product can tell a story. However, it is easy to ignore such stories if you simply go to a supermarket, throw a product - for example a chocolate bar - into the shopping cart and get on with your daily life. Where this particular chocolate bar comes from, how it was made and, most importantly, who created it is anyone's guess.

That's where we come in.

EuroBean is all about meeting the makers of the incredible invention we call chocolate (hence "Meet the Maker"). When you meet the Chocolate Maker, you have the chance to learn first-hand where the cocoa beans come from, how the manufacturers found the special place where the sweet treasure grows, and how the manufacturers turn the beans into chocolate. That's why we are very interested in finding out more about the people behind the products we like to buy.

We want to introduce the customers - in this case our EuroBean visitors - to the people behind all the work. We would like to let the chocolate manufacturers share their knowledge about how to make your favourite sweets, especially considering the terms organic food and fair trade. We also want to give you the opportunity to learn all about the bean-to-bar process, which is still quite rare. With this newly acquired knowledge it could be more fun to put this (organic) chocolate bar in your shopping cart and finally enjoy a fair, fancy, fantastic, fabulous and tasty treat.

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