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At Mike&Becky it all began in March 2015 with a visit to the Choco Café in Prague. Björn Becker and his wife Julia Mikerova discovered the many different facets of chocolate for the first time. As enthusiastic as they were about this discovery, they were disappointed when they realized in Brussels, the world capital of chocolate, that the hot chocolate they tasted was neither popular nor tasted like what it did in Prague.

Should they change that? Without a background in chocolate making? During their research, they came across the "bean-to-bar" movement, but discovered that there were hardly any such manufacturers in Belgium! But that motivated the couple even more, and they started their online shop Bean2Bar2You, where they would import and resell Bean-to-Bar chocolate. The reactions were overwhelming.



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So Björn and Julia spread the imported chocolate in Brussels, but that was not enough for Julia's thirst for knowledge. She took part in a bean-to-bar course at the Ecole du Chocolate in Vancouver. Armed with new knowledge & passion, they finally founded Mike&Becky on 8 November 2016. The very first Small-Batch Bean-to-Bar Atelier/Shop/Cafe in Brussels.

Mike&Becky believes it is particularly important to reduce the sugar content to a minimum whenever possible. The fair conditions with the farmers are a must for them; especially the fact that no child labour takes place is close to their hearts. Besides the beans, they also use only biological varieties for sugar, cocoa butter and milk powder.

Mike&Becky's concept is based on transparency, so visitors to their café can have a look over their shoulder at the craft and take a detailed look at the machines.

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