Choco Del Sol - Mayan Gold and Chocolate of the Sun

Patrick und Peggy von Choco Del Sol

An intensive trip can change many things - so was the case for Patrick and Peggy Walter. As they came back three years ago from their bicycle trip around the world, they brought back a new dream in addition to their innumerable impressions and experiences. A dream, which was centered around cacao in Belize and a sustainable future for the cacao farmers in this Central American country.

Together with a local non-profit organization, Patrick and Peggy began to make their dream into a reality. Since then, a tremendous amount of energy has been poured into their project, and its results and subsequent success in Belize is clearly visible. Back in Germany, Patrick and Peggy have also given their dreams a tangible home, through the establishment of the chocolate manufactory Choco Del Sol in Rochsburg Castle. Chocolate is their passion, while an international mindset and the concept of fairness are central to their philosophy. In the meantime, the strikingly fruity aroma of cacao beans from Belize continues to gain loyal followers, in much the same way that the variety of Choco Del Sol’s fine handmade chocolate continues to grow as well. Those who have tried their different selections even once will know why.

“Bean to bar” is the principle by which producers prepare everything themselves, from the cacao bean to the resulting chocolate bar. This principle connects the makers from Choco Del Sol with the other fine chocolate makers presenting their goods at the Chocolate Festival. The Second EuroBean Chocolate Festival takes place this year from August 4-6, 2017, at Rochsburg Castle. Along with the chocolate exhibitors, there will be many diverse activities for the whole family to enjoy - from chocolate, healthy living, good music and beyond - with plentiful opportunities for watching, listening, and tasting.

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