Culinary Line-Up (2019)

Of course you will find a (huge) amount of chocolate at the EuroBean Chocolate Festival as well as a wide range of food - always under the motto fair and high quality!

Find out in this blog what you can expect in the culinary line-up!

Drinks & Catering - Nizeca Multi-talented & Personnel Agency
Nicole Zeißig will take care of the catering at EuroBean 2019, as she did last year. High-quality food & cakes await you in the Upper Courtyard, while you can enjoy organic beer, cocktails and of course non-alcoholic drinks in the Lower Courtyard!

Food out of bricks! - Bricknic
This year's EuroBean Chocolate Festival has something very special for the little ones, but also for the young at heart! Food out of bricks sounds absurd at first - but it's exactly what you can expect. Read more about it here.

A cup of hot coffee! - Kaffeefee Sachsen
Under the guidance of Steffi Kujawski the coffee fairy Sachsen swings her wand and brings fair coffee directly into your cup. The small roasting house in Wüstenbrand has already found many satisfied customers!

Bio Landgarten - vegetables directly from the farm
Yvonne & Steffen Graunitz have their own farm shop in Burgstädt and bring their fresh vegetables to EuroBean! Together with Homes Kitchen they offer our visitors fresh, delicious food!

Streetfood fair & regional! - Homes Kitchen
The award-winning chef Robby brings his know-how about high-quality organic streetfood to the festival, and creates together with Bio-Landgarten incredible dishes from regional ingredients that flatter the palate!

For sustainable cultivation - Landgarten Potpourri e.V.
Herbs, vegetables, plants and much more! In Landgarten Potpourri they always try to work as close as possible with nature and to follow permaculture guidelines for sustainable cultivation!

Waffles a la Hong Kong
Gai daan jai, or as we call it "HongKong waffles" are a dish which has its origin in the 50s! Monique will create these special waffles for you, completely free of eggs!

Direkt vom Feld
Transparency and quality is top priority at Direkt vom Feld - discover the world of high-quality and fresh spices from organic spice farmers!

Danish (pancake/ice cream) chocolate! - Chøkolade
Chøkolade is a Danish chocolate maker who is not an exhibitor this year - but makes delicious pancakes and ice cream for you, the toppings and other ingredients being made directly with their bean to bar chocolate!

Bakery Kempt
The bakery Kempt provides the visitors of the EuroBean with handmade, fresh bakery products of high quality. At the Grand Opening they will also provide the guests with treats!

by Nandor-Dominik Körösi

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