EuroBean 2019 - Announcement

Hot phase: EuroBean 2019

Our last newsblog update had already been a while ago, so it's definitely time to give you an update!

Currently the planning of the EuroBean is in the hot phase! But what does that mean exactly? Well, the Chocolate Maker line-up is slowly being completed, our festival program is tightening up and everyone is working hard behind the scenes to make the upcoming EuroBean 2019 a unique experience.

EuroBean 2019 Logo - 2nd to 4th August Rochsburg Castle

Briefly on the past

In the last months, of course, there was not just endless planning.
Last month we were present at the "WerkSchau" in Löbau, Saxony. Over 50 regional producers from various branches came together to present their work/products/projects/etc. Of course we didn't want to miss this chance and hopefully we were able to bring the visitors of the "WerkSchau" closer to the topic of handmade chocolate from fair, direct trade or in close partnership with cooperatives.

Who knows, maybe one or the other "WerkSchau" visitor will delight us this year at the EuroBean Chocolate Festival!


EuroBean at "WerkSchau" 2019

Catering, Program, "Paradise Cocoa"

Hungry visitors - we will not have that! We are happy to announce that the catering has already been taken care of by the likeable "Mr. Bean" (Patrick)! So you can definitely look forward to all sorts of treats - besides the chocolate - and drinks!

Of course we also want to say one or two words about our program. Obviously we want everyone to get the most out of it. Exciting workshops, fun treasure hunts, and creative handicrafts are only excerpts, which you surely know. One thing in particular will be related to the last topic - an interactive workshop under "Paradise Cocoa".

"Paradise Cocoa? What's that?" I'm sure some of you will wonder. Unfortunately, I can't say much about it yet, because the unveiling of the project will take place at the Grand Opening - but so much can be said:
The EuroBean Chocolate Festival tries to create more awareness for our environment - and under "Paradise Cocoa" we aim to continue to set a good example!

EuroBean Catering Image

by Nandor-Dominik Körösi

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