EuroBean 2022 Awards

A chocolate festival for the whole family

A successful comeback!

Rochsburg. Rochsburg. Like every summer, the gates of the castle opened on the 5th of August until the 7th of August 2022 to welcome chocolate lovers from all over the world. 22 chocolate makers from 16 different countries, exciting country concerts, fairy tales, lots to discover in the market and food stalls and some of the most exciting presentations we have ever had at our festival. Around 4,000 visitors immersed themselves in the magical world of bean-to-bar chocolate this weekend, so we are happy to announce: it was a successful comeback after a 2-year "break"!

Chocolate of the Year 2022

Unfortunately, our old friend Maik Sparwasser couldn't make it to the EuroBean Chocolate Festival this year. The last few years Maik organised the tastings, so this year our talented volunteer Karoline Mohn took over this important role! A carefully selected jury consisting of:

  • Hazel J. Lee (food chemist)
  • Dr. Andreas Quermann (Rochsburg Castle Lord & cultural scientist)
  • Keshia Acheampong (project worker at INKOTA Netzwerk e.V.)
  • Christian (world traveller & companion of Heinz Stücke)
  • Gregor Sieböck (environmental scientist & world wanderer)
  • Clara (audience judge)

was formed for this year's Chocolate of the Year Award. They tasted their way through the best bars that the Chocolate Makers had submitted this year to represent themselves and their creations. One bar in particular stood out. A chocolate that was creamy and smooth, had a very pleasant aroma and a well-balanced taste.

The winner of the EuroBean Chocolate of the Year Award 2022 is Choco Del Sol with their Semuliki Forest 78% bar. Congratulations to Patrick & Peggy!

Audience favourite

Of course, we must not forget the annual vote for the audience's favourite. For some, of course, their favourite was clear from the start, others may have discovered their new favourite as they tasted their way through the various chocolates, and others probably had a hard time overall! Many factors go into the choice. The range of flavours, the beans and techniques used, the presentation of the booth, the personality of the chocolate maker. One thing is certain: for many, the vote was not easy!

But in the end, many, many visitors voted and crowned one of the new additions to the EuroBean Family as this year's crowd favourite: Karuna Chocolate from South Tyrol! If you missed Karuna's chocolate, you can also comfortably order it to your home thanks to our shop!

"Eurobean chocolate festival at Rochsburg castle in Germany has been a blast! We really enjoyed catching up with fellow chocolate makers, tasters and the interaction with the visitors. We also won the public award 🎖 Thank you so much to all who voted for us!!!"
- Karuna Chocolate


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