Eurobean Chocolate Festival 2018 Retrospective

A review of a successful festival!

Boys and girls, how time flies by! The EuroBean 2018 is already two months behind us, the chocolate supplies of one or the other will soon run out and you have had to wait in vain for a summary of us so far. As compensation we have at least a surprise for you, which will sweeten the long waiting time until the next EuroBean.

Some people say that this year's EuroBean was the best ever - we leave that to you to judge, which we can say for sure, the EuroBean 2018 was the biggest so far: 4200 visitors, and almost 40% more than in the past years, followed the sweet temptation to Schloss Rochsburg on the first weekend of August. In addition, with nine (!) additional bean-to-bar exhibitors, we were not only able to more than double our range, but at the same time provide an impressive overview of the absolute world's top bean-to-bar chocolate makers from Hungary to Hawaii and even set our first focus with the America Room.


Anyone who has seen the enthusiasm with which all chocolate makers have participated in the production of perhaps the largest bean-to-bar chocolate - whereby not insignificant quantities of chocolate landed in the opening euphoria on the chocolate makers themselves instead of in the mould - understands why so many renowned chocolate makers also made the long journey from overseas to the small contemplative Lunzenau; namely what the bean-to-bar philosophy and we stand for with our festival concept: A cooperation of all participants in the development process of sustainably produced and fair-trade chocolate of extraordinary organic quality.

We were particularly pleased about two of the new additions to the EuroBean family: On the one hand, they were Tafelwerk from Dresden, who had been visitors to EuroBean in recent years in order to elicit the secret of their chocolate from our exhibitors, and who were now themselves represented with a stand and thus spread the idea behind Bean-to-Bar also in Eastern Saxony. On the other hand, there is Mahogany Chocolate from Belize, who now produce their own chocolate from the bean to the finished bar themselves, thus proving that a fair cooperation between cocoa producers* and chocolate makers makes sense for everyone.


The EuroBean has not only become bigger and more professional this year, because even though we could learn a lot in the three years, the many familiar faces of our visitors*, who came not only for the snack but often had a clear idea of what bean-to-bar means, showed us that we are on the right track. We had the impression that our idea of using organically produced and fair-trade products, with respect for people and nature, to stand up for a common, sustainable future had arrived. A first big step has been taken and we are curious to see where the journey will take us and hope that you will continue to accompany us.

The initiator of EuroBean, this year's public darling Choco Del Sol, also ensured that the region was perceived more positively with EuroBean last year.


There's also good news to tell about another winner of EuroBean 2018: the Chocolate of the Year 2018 awarded Jaques Cöp from Coco Caravan, specialist for raw, alternatively sweetened chocolate, invites you to build his new Chocolate Studio together with him - here's to the Kickstarter project.


Good appetite, until the next news or at the EuroBean wishes the EuroBean team!

EuroBean 2018 Ending


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