EuroBean Press Release 2019

A chocolaty festival for the whole family

The EuroBean Chocolate Festival 2019


Rochsburg. This summer, everything in Lunzenau revolves around chocolate again. From 02 to 04 August 2019 the fourth EuroBean Chocolate Festival will take place at Schloss Rochsburg. The main focus is on high-quality, handmade chocolate, organic cultivation, bean-to-bar (from the cocoa bean to the finished bar) and fair trade. Here visitors can not only taste the finest chocolates, but also learn everything about their origins and get to know the makers of the sensual seductions.

This year's EuroBean Chocolate Festival is dedicated to one of the most important topics of our time. Thus, the goal of organizing a "Zero Waste Festival" - a festival without garbage - is eagerly pursued.

While Europe is currently being put to the test, EuroBean 2019 at Schloss Rochsburg will see the European idea being put into practice with a total of 16 producers from 12 countries, including 12 manufactories from 11 EU member states. In addition to the exhibitors who are now regular guests, such as Zotter Schokoladen from Austria, Mãnoa Chocolate from faraway Hawaii, Herufek Chocolate from the Czech Republic or the Coco Caravan manufactory based in England, a number of new top-class bean-to-bar manufactories and other manufacturers have joined forces this year.a. from Scotland (Chocolate Tree), Lithuania (Chocolate Naive), Belgium (Mike&Becky), the Netherlands (Krak Chocolade), California (Twenty-Four Blackbirds) and Greece (Kakau Worship).

Some of the new chocolate manufacturers from the USA (Dandelion Chocolate, Parliament Chocolate), Hungary (Choco Card), Sweden (Kakaobolaget) and the Dresden-based Newcomer Tafelwerk will also be represented again last year. As always, the chocolate manufacturer "Choco Del Sol", without which EuroBean would not exist, will of course be there.



Families will be particularly pleased about the varied entertainment programme for young and old. Saturday as well as Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00 there is a lot to discover. Exciting workshops and lectures invite you to listen and participate, but also to reflect and answer these and other questions: What does sustainable action mean in concrete terms? How do you change from a manager to a chocolate maker? When is chocolate really good? Meanwhile, the little guests can go on an adventurous chocolate rally and treasure hunt. There are also fairytale lectures, figure and puppet theatre, handicrafts and even communal cooking with hollow bricks filled with many delicious ingredients.

There are also various concerts, morning yoga classes, lots of tastings and much more. You can be curious. Besides chocolate there are of course other delicacies on the weekend.

Homes Kitchen with special child-friendly dishes, Nizeca, Kaffeerösterei Wüstenbrand, waffles à la Hong Kong and many more provide the culinary pleasure.

Day tickets cost 10 €, reduced 5 € per person and can be purchased during the festival directly at the entrance to Rochsburg. Admission for children up to the age of 14 is free of charge.



If you want to enjoy the EuroBean Chocolate Festival before all the others, you should make a note of the big opening ceremony, the "Grand Opening", on 02.08.19, at 20:00 o'clock. After an official welcome and presentation of the festival program, visitors can expect a multimedia lecture about the project "Paradise Cocoa" initiated by Choco Del Sol. Visitors can learn more about the incredible story of how Patrick and Peggy Walter unintentionally became award-winning chocolate makers at Schloss Rochsburg. Mayas and their culture, comrades-in-arms with the same visions and boatmen who care about the world are introduced. You can also experience how organically grown cocoa is traded fairly and transparently to give children in evergreen Belize a future. If you want to learn more about why setting sail is more important today than anchoring in routines, don't miss this evening.

In addition, visitors to the Grand Opening will have the unique opportunity to get to know all the chocolate exhibitors personally before the festival even begins. In the rooms of the castle, they will sweeten the evening with their delicately melting delicacies for the guests, very exclusively, before the big hustle and bustle begins. Admission to the opening ceremony costs 15 € per person. Admission starts at 19:00.

Saturday evening from 20:00 clock the official EuroBean Party takes place. In the unique, romantic scenery of Rochsburg Castle you can celebrate an exciting festival day, dance away the calories gained during the day or reflect on the experiences of the day. At a rousing concert with Puente Latino the guests are heated up with Caribbean sounds. Anyone who is not satisfied with that can swing to the music from Frank Patiz's homemade retro velo record bicycle until late into the night during the after-show. For ticket holders of valid day tickets the entrance to the EuroBean Party is included. All others pay 5 € per person from 19:00 (and thus exclusively for this event).


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