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Meet the Maker, Bean to Bar, Organic and Fair and Best Organic Food

EuroBean Chocolate Festival Flyer 2018

Besides enjoying excellent chocolate, the EuroBean Chocolate Festival is all about the whole package of the most delicious temptation. We therefore have four values which every participating Chocolate Maker has to fulfill in order to be a part of the EuroBean Family. It's all about the full experience of sustainability, fairness and above all, well tasting chocolates.


We are certain that products can tell a story. The people behind these products catch our interest, and we want to share their stories with our audience. Therefore, we have one goal: to connect customers and manufacturers. Follow the chance to personally meet the people behind the products, for example, the chocolate master Josef Zotter from Zotter Chocolate, Dylan Butterbaugh from Manoa Chocolate Hawaii, Jacques Cöp from Coco Caravan and many more!


Organic farmers produce unique cacao, which is then processed and made into the finest chocolate in factories all over the world. The used process is Bean to Bar: organically grown cocoa beans, which are fairly traded and directly supported by cocoa farmers. Try it yourself and taste the difference between Bean to Bar and industrially manufactured chocolate.


Sustainable food of high quality - organic, fair trade, free of allergenic substances, etc. It's valuable for us to know about the conditions in which our food is produced. Not only is it important for health reasons, but we also feel that we can positively influence the world with our consumption habits. This connection is one EuroBean Chocolate Festival key element. 


Not only finest chocolate made with the best ingredients await you but also a variety of primarily organic cuisine and beverages. We take a special interest in the quality as well as the variety of culinary offerings. Specialties for vegetarians and vegans will again be available of course.

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