Our line-up is set! (2019)

Just one month is left until we can finally celebrate the EuroBean Chocolate Festival with all of you! Of course we want you to have all the necessary information by then - so there will be a few news blogs in the next weeks before the festival, which will go through everything important!

Today it's all about the Chocolate Makers, find out who's coming this year in this blog!


Our Chocolate Maker 2019!

The Chocolate Maker with Home Advantage - Choco Del Sol
Of course there can be no EuroBean without Choco Del Sol - visitors can pick up their needed chocolate fix from Patrick & Peggy directly at the manufactory in the castle at the weekend!

Small but nice! - HERUFEK
Michal Herufek and his wife Jitka Herůfková not only make chocolate - but also chocolate truffles following old tradition! They may not be a big company, but they definitely convince with their passion!

Part of the family since the beginning - Zotter Schokoladen
One of the chocolate makers who have been active at the EuroBean since the very beginning! Zotter Schokoladen will delight you once again with unusual chocolate creations and surprise you with extraordinary flavours! This year Josef's daughter Julia Zotter will represent Zotter at the event!

Greek newcomer! - Kakau Worship
The first of the six newcomers to the festival is Kakau Worship. These Greek Chocolate Makers have great respect for nature, and for them it is a great blessing to be able to work with the Gold of the Maya! They offer a solid selection of chocolate with beans from Peru and Guatemala, refined with extras like coconut & chili!

Greetings from the chocolate capital - Mike&Becky
The first Belgian exhibitors at the EuroBean are Mike&Becky! Inspired by a trip to Prague to the ChocoCafé, and with an interest in the bean-to-bar movement, Björn Becker and Julia Mikerova were able to open their own bean-to-bar café in Brussels - and are even the very first to do so in the "chocolate capital of the world"!

Exquisite Chocolate - Chocolate Naive
Chocolate Naive is located in a small town in Lithuania. Domantas Užpalis works only with the best ingredients and strives to become a world-class chocolate craftsman with his company. Their products are helping Lithuania to advance as a rising star in the world of gourmet chocolate.


Bean-to-Bar since 2010 - Dandelion Chocolate
Also making a return is Dandelion Chocolate. 2010 still in the home kitchen - nowadays with several locations in America and Japan! Much has happened since Todd and Cameron shared their chocolate with friends & family - the expansion is also evident in their wide range of chocolate bars!

Sunny Visit from Hawaii! - Mānoa Chocolate Hawaii
Are you interested in something exotic again? Mānoa offers you chocolate with local ingredients, but also other fair trade beans from all over the world. Whoever gets involved with the Hawaiian breeze of these bars will definitely have an interesting taste experience!

On the search for special beans - Svenska Kakaobolaget
Anyone who tried Svenska Kakaobolaget last year knows that there's a lot going on behind the chocolate bars! Their aim is to find cocoa beans with unique flavours and to process the many different flavours into fine bars.

Good chocolate through good relationships - Parliament Chocolate
As a small company, the team at Parliament Chocolate wants to know one thing above all else - what they work with and with whom. Making friends with the cocoa farmers and paying fair prices for their hard work is incredibly important. Because good chocolate can only be built on sustainable relationships.

One idea, 10 years of experience - Chocolate Tree
The Scottish chocolate makers Alastair & Friederike Gower originally only wanted to do something at music festivals, and making chocolate was just a spontaneous intuition. But this idea eventually gave rise to 10 years of experience in chocolate making, with a lot of emphasis on transparency in the production chain!

Raw, vegan, gluten-free, delicious! - Coco Caravan
Jacques Cöp, winner of last year's EuroBean Chocolate of the Year Award 2018 and chocolate enthusiast is back! Coco Caravan appreciates high-quality food, has a great passion for our environment and is also committed to the fair treatment of all living creatures in the world.

Creative, colourful, Hungarian! - ChocoCard
Izabella and her husband Zoltán started to live out their creative side in 2011. Many different creations made from chocolate and other sweets have been produced over the years - and nowadays there are also sweet temptations, all under the motto of Bean-to-Bar!

*KRAK* - Krak Chocolade
Krak - yes, cracking a fresh chocolate bar is simply wonderful to hear. Mark Schimmel also liked chocolate and gave up his job in the gastronomy in 2013 to dive into the world of Bean-to-Bar chocolate. He treats every harvest, every bag of cocoa beans individually so that he can get the best out of everything!

Sweets without sugar? Yes! - Tafelwerk Chocolates
Tafelwerk Schokoladen from Dresden declares a battle against our western sugar consumption! Because their bars only contain birch sugar, which is incredibly low in calories and is also perfectly suited for diabetics, and causes absolutely no tooth decay! You just have to take this chance!

Try over studying! - Twenty-Four Blackbirds
After 10 years in science, Mike Orlando simply lacked opportunities to be creative. He tried out many hobbies - but only one thing stuck with him like no other! To make Bean-to-Bar chocolate seemed right to him - and he quickly became one of the few manufacturers in his country!

by Nandor-Dominik Körösi

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