Our Statement to #Chemnitz

EuroBeans Statement about Chemnitz

Rochsburg Castle is only half an hour's drive from Chemnitz. Many of our visitors, volunteers and half the core planning team of the "EuroBean Craft Chocolate Festival" live in Chemnitz.

Recently in Chemnitz a lot of right-winged/far-right people came together to protest against refugees and foreigners, following the tragic murder of a young man, abusing the news for their political goals. However, soon followed the hashtag #wirsindmehr (#wearemore), under which a lot of people united to stand up against the hateful messages of the far-right protesters.

And just a few weeks after the incident a concert in Chemnitz was hold under the banner of the hashtag, promoting positive messages, and showing that we will not allow the hate to spread like this. Participating in the event were some artists that originated from here, like the band "Kraftklub" and "Trettmann" as well as others like "Die Toten Hosen" and the rapper "Marteria".

The fact that we take a clear position on racism, anti-semitism and homophobia and other group-related misanthropy should be clear to everyone who knows us and the festival.

All the more reason for us to be pleased that EuroBean plays a "supporting role" in the film "Chemnitz - Stadt in Aufruhr" ("Chemnitz - City in Turmoil"). Our volunteers are not only familiar with chocolate but are also socially active. The film is available in the ARD media library (only in German).

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