The EuroBean 2018 is in the starting blocks!

Even more international than usual this year


Have you heard it yet? In less than 3 weeks, it's Chocolate Time at Rochsburg Castle!

We are really excited, because besides the exhibitors Zotter, Mãnoa, Edelmond, Herufek and Coco Caravan, who are now regular guests, there will be several new top-class bean-to-bar chocolate makers on board this year:

From the USA (Dandelion Chocolate, Parliament Chocolate, Raaka Chocolate), Canada (Sirene Chocolate), Belize (Mahogany Chocolate), Hungary (Choco Card), Sweden (Kakaobolaget) and Newcomer from Dresden (Tafelwerk). Our chocolate factory with home advantage, Choco Del Sol, is of course also back on track.

If you would like to join the EuroBean team and experience the festival up close, please contact us .

After our Head-of-Volunteer meeting we agree: It will be great! You get the chance to sign up for your favorite team on Friday, August 3rd until 3pm and support the festival as you like. .

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Volunteer Head-of Treffen

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