The incredible Josef Zotter

Josef Zotter
(c) Zotter Schokoladen

Every festival needs its celebrities and we are going to have one of the biggest stars of the european chocolate scene, Josef Zotter. Josef Zotter   is chocolate maker, alterer, organic farmer. His life motto: The maximizing of humanity is the greatest benefit.

He is one of the best chocolate manufacturers in the world. Georg Bernardini tested 550 brands from 70 countries and 4,000 products for his new edition of the 919-page book " The Chocolate Tester".

Bernardini's verdict: Zotter "... is and remains at the forefront of the world's best chocolate manufacturers and by far the most innovative chocolate maker of all. Exceptional quality of all products. Extremely rare or no deviations at all in the outstanding quality of the products". (Bernardini, p. 137)

In 2015 Josef Zotter receives the award "Entrepreneur Of The Year" at an award gala in the Vienna Hofburg. Josef Zotter was selected from the new finalists to represent Austria at the World Entrepreneur Of The Year Award, which will take place in Monte Carlo in June 2016.

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