Zotter Schokolade GmbH - 30 years of a family business

Josef and his wife Ulrike Zotter embarked upon their chocolate journey back in 1987. Thirty years into the establishment of their family business, Zotter Schokolade GmbH continues to inspire and astound with their commitment to four primary principles: variety, quality, creativity and sustainability. Zotter Schokolade GmbH offers a staggering number of classic and inventive flavors for their hand-made chocolates, each with innovative and whimsical packaging under the art direction of Andreas h. Gratze. The company prides itself on its close relationships with cacao growers, ensuring fair as well as direct trade for all their providers and their entire line of chocolates. Moreover, Zotter has been sourcing exclusively organic ingredients for all of their chocolates for over a decade. In addition, Zotter is also a leader in energy self-sufficiency, employing a steam-powered generator partially powered by cacao husk; a photovoltaic power plant; and a fleet of electric cars complete with charging station upon their premises. By offering unique and informational tours at their manufactory in Bergl, Austria, Zotter is able to share their philosophy with the general public and raise awareness for important issues found at the intersection of chocolate, fair trade, and consumerism.

Zotter is truly a business that exemplifies all that we value at EuroBean. We are so glad to have them return to our festival as a part of our growing festival family!

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