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Let's talk about values

2018 is almost a week old and we believe it's the perfect timing to talk about values: Meet the Maker, Bean to Bar, Organic and Fair and Best Organic Food

Mānoa - Hawaiian Chocolate

We are delighted to announce that Manoa Chocolate will return to participate in the EuroBean Chocolate Festival for the second time this year.

Zotter Chocolates - 30 years of a family business

Josef and his wife Ulrike Zotter embarked upon their chocolate journey back in 1987.

Choco Del Sol - Mayan Gold and Chocolate of the Sun

An intensive trip can change many things -- so was the case for Patrick and Peggy Walter.

Only 2 more Month until EuroBean 2017

In the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing you in-depth to our exhibitors, workshops, bands, caterers, and events.

The EuroBean Chocolate Festival 2017

Mark your calendars for the first weekend in August. From Friday, August 4th through Sunday 6th, the second annual EuroBean Chocolate Festival is taking place within the grounds of beautiful Rochsburg Castle in Lunzenau.

2nd EuroBean Chocolate Festival at Rochsburg Castle

Save The Date! The EuroBean Chocolate Festival is going into the second loop.

The incredible Josef Zotter

Every festival need its celebrities.  And we are proud to announce that the Austrian maitre chocolatier Josef Zotter will be part of the first EuroBean chocolate festival.

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