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Native american kids
Native american kids
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Fair trade is a topic which has been discussed in economics for thousands of years: the fair price of a product.

Fair trade is about a controlled trade, from which both producers and consumers profit. The purpose of fair trade is to improve the general working and living conditions of the producers. It is also important to produce and import goods under fair conditions. Fair trade mainly covers agricultural products, although it also relates to traditional handicrafts produced in the developing countries and exported to industrialized countries.

Chocolate makers at EuroBean take the phrase “organic and fair” very seriously. The related philosophies of bean to bar, organic farming, and fair trade are important factors of the festival.

One very good example of organic and fair chocolate is Choco Del Sol, organizer of the festival:

When Patrick and Peggy came home from their cycling trip around the world, the two adventurers and the non-profit organization Toledo Cacao Growers Association (TCGA) had a dream: to create a future together with Belize’s Maya farmers.

Cacao has a long tradition in Belize, as the Mayan people have inhabited the region since 2000 BC.  

For the Mayans, cacao is the symbol of life.

In numerous legends, the fruit and trees appear repeatedly as a symbol of the circle of life. Therefore, cacao accompanies birth, death and rebirth.

The TCGA has been a pioneer organization for many years. It supports Mayan organic farmers in southern Belize through the entire cacao production process: starting with the supply of seed, continuing with planting and the intersection with trees until it’s time to harvest and ferment. As our partner, TCGA ensures that the cocoa crop yields directly benefit the cocoa farmers.

A lot of energy has been put in this project. The final result is a unique cacao, which is ready to be turned into tasty bean to bar chocolate: organic, fair and with direct support from the local farmers.

Curious about Choco Del Sol and other bean to bar chocolate makers? Meet them at the EuroBean 2020!

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