Stimmen zum 1. EuroBean Festival

Es haben uns einige Nachrichten zu unserem Festival erreicht,
die wir euch nicht vorhenthalten wollen.

Meet the maker

Meet The Maker

We are convinced that products just tell one part of a story. We are interested for people behind things and we want to share their stories with our audience. Therefore we have one goal: bring customers and manufacturers together. Meet personally Josef Zotter und other interessting people.


Bean To Bar

Organic farmers produce unique cocoa which is processed to finest chocolate in factories all over the world, namely bean to bar: organic grown, fair and with direct support from foreign farmers. Convince yourself of the unique product quality of our exhibitors.

Organic and fair

Organic And Fair

Sustainable food of high quality - organic, fair trade, free of allergenic substances, etc. More and more consumers are following healthy products that are good for us and our planet. The exhibitors of the festival produce bean-to-bar-chocolate with a view on the big picture. A key focus for us and our festival.

Best organic food

Best Organic Food

In parallel with finest chocolate made from the best ingredients a vary of culinary meals and beverages, mainly organic, awaits you. We pay special attention to quality and rich varieties of offers, also for strict vegetarians.

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