EuroBean Chocolate Festival Logo 2017

EuroBean Chocolate Festival 2017

Castle “Schloss Rochsburg” reopens its gates for chocolate lovers, from August 4th - 6th

Get ready for an exciting weekend all about chocolate. The second EuroBean Chocolate on castle Schloss Rochsburg in Lunzenau will take place from August 4th - 6th. Bean to Bar manufactory Choco Del Sol is again organizer of this sweet and unique festival focusing on handmade chocolate and fair trade, where visitors have the opportunity to not only taste chocolate but to learn about its origins, as well as to meet the makers of the sweet temptation.

EuroBean is the perfect place for the whole family. Children can e.g. attend a chocolate-rally, a drum workshop or a puppet theater while adults will be kept from boredom through shows such as the one from world wanderer Gregor Sieböck, who will take his audience on an adventure across the world.

Castle Schloss Rochsburg , Schloßstraße 1, 09328 Lunzenau OT Rochsburg

EuroBean Chocolate Festival Stage

Quotes of the 1st EuroBean

Some news and reactions about the festival reached us.
Of course, we do not wish to deprive you of those sincere comments.

Meet the maker

Meet The Maker

We are certain that products can tell a story. People behind the those products catch our interest. We want to share their stories with our audience. Therefore, we have one goal: to connect customers and manufacturers. Follow the chance to personally meet e.g. chocolate master Josef Zotter and many more.

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Bean To Bar

Organic farmers produce unique cocoa which is processed to finest chocolate in factories all over the world. This process is called bean to bar: organically grown, fair and directly supported by foreign farmers. Try it yourself and taste the difference to industrially manufactured chocolate.

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Organic and fair

Organic And Fair

Sustainable food of high quality - organic, fair trade, free of allergenic substances, etc. More and more consumers are following healthy products that are good for us and for our planet. The exhibitors of the festival produce bean to bar chocolate while staying connected to chocolate's nature. This connection is one key element of the EuroBean festival.

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Best organic food

Best Organic Food

Next to the finest chocolate, which is made with the best ingredients, a variety of culinary meals and beverages, mainly organic, awaits you. We take a special interest in quality, as well as to having a rich variety of offers. Specialities for Vegetarians and Vegans are available, of course.

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